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Relaxing …

hey … long time no update due to several reasons (school, wanking, sick of 10 or more photographers on shows, lazyness, drinking, … you know the stuff …). that won‘t change for now … but if you want to have some crazy band photos of your band (because every band needs this, you know!?!?!) you can ask us and we will see if we can arrange something. don‘t expect crazy professional results. we are young and still learning … for reference pics check At Daggers Drawn or one of the next Ox issues for a pic of Tackleberry


I Won‘t Belong

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22. März – Battle, Grave Maker, Laura Mars @ Lokal, Berlin

Art Is No Excuse For Bullshit

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25. Februar – Red Tape Parade, Ghostchant @ Lokal, Berlin

Full Scale Assault

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11. Mai – Vitamin X @ Black Fleck, Potsdam

Totally Wrecked

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14. Dezember – A Bit Of Braindead, Ape Attack @ Kunstverein, Nürnberg

That’s Why I‘m On A Bad Trip …

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22. November – Vitamin X, A Bit Of Braindead @ Koma-F, Berlin

Neon Light Fantasy

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27. November – Deathbed, Reason To Care, Patsy O’ Hara @ Cassiopeia, Berlin

Worn Out And Choking …

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27. Oktober – Dead Vows, Astpai, False Friend @ Lokal, Berlin

Stars And Satellites

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15. September – Paint It Black, Trash Talk, Tackleberry, C. N. Roundhouse Kick @ Cassiopeia, Berlin

Die Eieruhr tickt im Kreis

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13. September – Gtuk, Patsy O’ Hara @ Subversiv, Berlin

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